Make the Build a Feature

Aug 27, 2012 | No Comments
Make the Build a Feature

Wandering around Michigan Avenue in Chicago reveals all sorts of fun things.

Tourists, mainly, street teams, and guys in placards handing out leaflets about sales on men’s suits.

Then you see something really interesting – like the currently exposed guts of the new Burberry store. Buildings going up or coming down isn’t anything new on Michigan Avenue, but one with such a dramatic skeleton is. It reinforces the Burberry brand with steel and stone, and instead of hiding the mechanicals and “ugly stuff” you see something truly remarkable being put together. And makes you want to follow it progress – not like a Twitter account, but a physical thing forming.

Can this be applied to things not so physical? Yes. Break down major builds into components that can be revealed early to key audiences, and if a few things break so be it. If the styling isn’t quite right so be it. Show the skeleton, show the stone, show the workings behind the scenes. You’ll draw in loyalty because you’ve put faith in your users to see the skeleton for what it is – an indication of something great to come.

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