I’m a father, a designer, a digital fanboy and a creative director with an eye towards strategy and planning to improve the upstream and downstream of my projects.

I’ve only worked in the digital space – since 1998, focusing on the emerging platforms people use to communicate, entertain, and enhance their lives - from CD-ROMs to flash websites to social networks to mobile.  I have a digital production background which helps inform the downstream of projects – the build.  And I do some flash and CSS work to stay on top of the tools.  That, and I really enjoy it.

I enjoy studying and understanding behavior, and what drives motivation. From that understanding I try to create experiences people will easily understand, value, and come back to. To make them laugh, think, remember, and, ultimately, act.

I believe content is king, but content with context. We all need to be storytellers, but with stories that are relevant and full of resonance.

I <3 technology and how it can help people improve their lives. I’m obsessed about leveraging the right technology at the right time to the right person.

Most of all, I never want to stop learning, trying, failing, learning more, and seeing beyond my own perceptions.


Tim Brown from IDEO created the idea of a “T-Shaped” person – someone who has a deep understanding of one area, the vertical leg, but with a level of empathy to branch out into other areas. This felt like a very simple way of describing what I am, and a visual even more so.